9 October 2015


Inspired by the colourful design and patterns in our Asian markets, we have taken yet another step away from the single-coloured base and are introducing a joyful and lively design in our new Cantaloop 2016 styles.

Harlequin and stripes - black and pink - and a new Shaping Bodysuit

Ever since it was introduced as a fashion element back in the 40's, the Harlequin design and print has become a timeless fashion element. Now, we have taken the design and incorporated it in a black and a pink-based model - the black being a classic-inspired version, and the pink having a lively, fresh touch. Pink tells its own story: It is a warm and joyful colour, signalling self-confidence and love of life - exactly the state of mind you are in, when you are expecting or nursing. Black is never out of fashion, and different versions of black garments are must-haves in every wardrobe - black is timeless, good-looking, and it just makes you feel good.

Not into Harlequin? Perhaps the fashionable, striped bra with classic, black briefs is what you are looking for.

Improved bras and styles made to fit

As always, our styles are made to perfectly fit the pregnant and nursing body. The nursing bras are all made in the familiar, well-fitting and proven style. Only now we have managed to improve the support of our bras even further, by knitting in shape, support and lift in the bras. The bras will therefore provide a drop-shaped form and support where needed. And with the matching briefs you are simply well-dressed for motherhood.

Have a closer look at all the new styles in the Cantaloop News 2016 brochure. All styles are released and ready for your order!



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