31 July 2015


On Saturday 13 June the very first Cantaloop Flagship Store was opened in Nanjing, China. The store is initiated and run by our dedicated Chinese distributor, Shinsson Group, who plan to open more stores of this kind in other large Chinese cities.



The opening ceremony of the Cantaloop Flagship Store was a very entertaining and professionally arranged event with about 20 guests and people from press and TV. There were speeches, champagne, violin music and ribbon-cutting as well as hostesses and moderator leading through the ceremony. Click the photo to see a short, very entertaining video from the event. Cantaloop FSS opening_web.png The store is 50 m2 and located in a newly opened high-end shopping mall in Nanjing City (8 m inhabitants) very close to the city center in a designated shopping area for baby and kids' products. The address of the store is: Cantaloop Flagship Store, L325-1, Floor 3, Unipark, No.1 Qingliangmen Street, Gulou District, Nanjing, China. Naning.


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