16 November 2017


With the recently launched SAFEHIP® AirX™ Discreet products, users do not have to worry about adding volume to their hips when using hip protectors. This new product features a thinner shield, still providing efficient hip fracture prevention. The result is a smooth and more discreet appearance which again results in much improved user compliance.



The primary target group of SAFEHIP AirX Discreet is active elderly people living at home. The main challenge for reaching this group with the current SAFEHIP products has been their concern about a bulky appearance, which most likely results in low compliance.

With the addition of the SAFEHIP AirX Discreet products, SAFEHIP now covers all relevant target groups, from home-dwelling to institutionalised elderly.


The material of the pants is mainly polyamide. This gives the pants a smooth, comfortable structure, and with shields thinner than the existing AirX shields, protection as well as ultimate discretion are provided. Safehip AirX Discreet is available in a male and a female version and in white and black. The shields have been biomechanically tested with approved result. And as always, we have carried out evaluations of the pants with active home-dwelling elderly users, who have given the following positive feedback:


  • Discreet appearance
  • Soft and flexible fit
  • Comfortable to use day and night
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Increased sense of safety
  • Recommended for other elderly

Read all about the new products here or contact your Key Account Manager at Tytex for further information.


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