The number of breast cancer and cosmetic breast surgeries is increasing. Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in women in the world with an estimated 1.38 million new breast cancer cases diagnosed in 2008 (23% of all cancers [in women]); it ranks second overall (10.9% of all cancers) (1).

According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) breast augmentation continued to be the world’s most popular cosmetic procedure in 2016, accounting for 15.8% of all surgical procedures in 2016.

In general, women continue to drive the demand for cosmetic procedures, accounting for 86.2%, or 20,362,655 cosmetic procedures worldwide. Among the five most popular procedures requested by women are Breast Augmentation (Silicone Implant) and Breast Lift (2).

These data show that there is a continuous and increasing demand for high performing post-surgical bras that support surgical outcome and reduce complications, whether based on cancer disease or on a cosmetic incentive.


With a wide range to cover all needs no matter the type of breast surgery, Tytex has a bra for every clinical as well as user need.

One of the many factors influencing the choice of an appropriate bra is the level of compression. Not all bras in the Tytex range are equally compressive and some are more compressive than others. This is completely intentional, as the choice of bra depends on the bra’s ability to exert compression on the treated site and to create hemostasis, reduce edema, speed up wound healing processes and reduce complication risks. Sometimes, support is more important than compression, validating the need for supportive bras with light compression only.

However, which type of bra recommended for each patient should always be assessed by a healthcare professional such as a surgeon or nurse, mainly because of the professional expertise, but also because bra design as well as compression level preferences may vary from surgeon to surgeon and nurse to nurse.


The above drawing illustrates how the different compression levels/zones may be placed in a Carefix post-op bra - Tytex ZoneTech®.


Tytex Carefix Post-op Bras are arranged in a scheme according to the overall compression exerted by each bra. By overall is understood the general compression level of the bra and not the targeted compression exerted in the specific compression zones in the bra.

To calculate the overall compression level of each bra, we measure the properties of the fabric. This measure is made by an axial cut, collecting fabric on the side, including front and back of the bra where the fabric contains most knitting structures and hereby the overall compression level.

To simulate wearing, the fabric is stretched on a testing device, and elongation and force are measured. The results of the measurements are used to calculate modulus of the fabric.

By using the law of Laplace, we convert the change that occurs in the modulus, the width and the dimension of the product when it is stretched, to calculate an indicative compression level used to rank every single Carefix bra.




Tytex Carefix bras are ranked according to five categories: High, firm, intermediate, moderate and light. See overview in table below. The overview makes it easier to choose a bra with the appropriate compression level based on surgeon’s and nurse’s preferences.

The bras containing light and moderate compression have a very low compression level and serve more as supportive bras, whereas bras containing high compression have a high level of general compression.



It is important to know that if a doctor or nurse prefers a bra from compression level 1-2 for several clinical reasons, yet does not prefer too much compression in general, it is always an option to adjust level of compression through choice of size, as compression levels are based on recommended sizing. A higher level of compression can be obtained by choosing a smaller size. A lower level of compression can be obtained by choosing a larger size. This ensures that the overall compression level of a Carefix bra does not prevent a surgeon or nurse from choosing any bra of preference.




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