In any type of breast surgery, one of the surgeons’ most important responsibilities is to make sure that the result is both aesthetic and appealing. However, it is equally important to secure that the recovery period becomes as safe and comfortable for the woman as possible. In both instances the type of bra used post-surgery plays a very important role.

surgical incision lines

There is a wide range of post-op bras available on the global market, however, it may be quite tricky to choose a bra that addresses both the clinical and the user requirements.

Many clinical experts, including breast care nurses, consider seamless cups in the bra a very positive feature. The reason for this is that the fabric in the cups must be smooth and not cause any friction on wound dressings, wounds or scars. A seamless fabric protects and cares for the post-surgical incision and the skin and does not cause any delayed wound healing, which would increase infection risk and pain. 

When we develop the Carefix post-op bras, we take the location of the surgical incision lines into consideration to ensure that all our bras meet the above criteria. 


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