At Tytex, our commitment to excellence in the medical field is built upon a foundation of clinical evidence, insights gleaned from extensive databases, and the invaluable perspectives of key opinion leaders. This formidable combination of knowledge and experience positions Tytex as the ideal partner for the development of unparalleled medical textile products and service market offerings, steeped in the latest technical textile expertise.


Embark on a journey with Tytex that promises to not only save you valuable time and resources but also provide you with access to a steep learning curve, guided by seasoned textile solution specialists. Our extensive range of expertise encompasses:

1. Prosthetic Devices
Tytex's innovative approach to prosthetic devices is driven by a deep understanding of patient needs and the utilization of cutting-edge textile technology. We create solutions that enhance comfort, functionality, and overall quality of life for amputees.

2. Orthopedic Devices
Our orthopedic devices are designed with precision to address a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Tytex's commitment to excellence ensures that our products provide effective support, aiding in recovery and rehabilitation.

3. Garments and Wearable Technologies
In the ever-evolving realm of wearable technologies, Tytex stands at the forefront, offering solutions that seamlessly integrate comfort, durability, and functionality. From smart textiles to specialized garments, we enable innovation in healthcare and beyond.

4. Incontinence, Urology, Ostomy, Post-op, and Wound Care Technologies
Tytex's expertise in these critical areas empowers individuals and healthcare professionals alike. Our products are crafted to provide reliable solutions, ensuring comfort, security, and dignity in challenging circumstances.

5. REHA Technologies
Rehabilitation technologies play a pivotal role in enhancing recovery outcomes. Tytex's solutions are designed to support rehabilitation efforts, promoting independence and improved quality of life.

6. Hip Fracture Prevention Technologies
Tytex's dedication to patient safety extends to the development of technologies that aid in preventing hip fractures, particularly in vulnerable populations. Our innovative solutions prioritize fall prevention and patient well-being.

7. Specialty Textile Applications
Tytex is well-versed in a wide array of textile applications, including thermal, dermal, hydro/moisture management, breathability, and compression. Our specialized textiles are engineered to meet diverse needs across industries.

8. Customer Service and Medical Insights
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond product development. Tytex places great emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service and medical insights. We value our partnerships and are dedicated to delivering exceptional support throughout your journey with us.

Elevate your business opportunities with Tytex — a trusted partner that combines a rich heritage of medical textile expertise with a forward-thinking, innovative spirit. Together, we'll shape the future of healthcare textiles and redefine possibilities.


  • Improve existing products through
  • Tytex’ strong research and development platform
  • Add new product lines
  • Approach new markets
  • Reduce development time
  • Release resources


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