It’s all about individuality!

In general, it is fair to say that the usage of an ostomy support belt or tube depends on each person’s individual situation and preference.

In the below table we give you our guidance to what may be determent for the choice between a Corsinel Belt or Tube.

As can be seen there is no “golden rule” in the choice: It’s entirely up to the user’s needs, challenges and preferences. Most importantly, it has the same great effect, whether the user wears a belt or a tube.




Correction of support level


Adjustment possible

The flaps of the belt
have a wide hook-and-loop
band which facilitates
adjustment of support level.

To some users, it may be
necessary or just nice to be
able to open and adjust the
belt to either a lower or
higher support level, either
for relief or for additional

Adjustment not possible

As a tube provides
fixed support,
no adjustment is possible.




Easy application

If mobility is restricted, a belt
is often a better choice, as it
is easy to wrap the belt around
the belly and close it. It is also
easier to remove a belt compared
to a tube.

Furthermore, a belt is very
easy to apply when lying down,
as it can be placed on the bed
or couch with the user lying
down on top of it and wrapping
it around the belly to close it.

Application may be

For people with restricted
mobility, a tube may not
be an appropriate choice.

When applying a tube,
whether sitting or standing,
the user has to bend down,
place the feet inside the tube
and pull it up afterwards,
which requires unrestricted
mobility, flexibility, dexterity
and considerable arm and
finger strength as well as a
coordinated and unaffected
level of balance.


Belt may be visible
under clothes

It is often difficult to hide a
stoma pouch and/or a hernia
underneath the clothes.

As the belt may be visible
under the clothes due the
flaps causing a bulky
appearance, it may impair
the user’s perception
of attractiveness, which
affects the user’s general
body image negatively.

Tube gives smooth

In general, a tube will
provide a slimmer and
smoother appearance
than a belt.

Therefore many users
prefer the tube to improve
their body appearance
and hide the stoma pouch.



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